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May was a busy month at the Harmony Museum. Small Farm Animals Day was a success with about 100 families with lots of kids stopping in at the Harmonist Barn to meet 4-H members and learn about their animals. While it wasn’t a big money-maker, we reached a younger family audience than many Museum events and it tied in nicely with other events happening in Harmony that day.  There were lots of happy faces, some of those from watching a Holstein calf stage an attempted escape during the event.

Quilt Program:  We had a nice turn out for our 17th Quilt Program. Sarah Barnett, of the Little Foot Quilt Shop in Evans City did an excellent job, and the diamond-star pattern quilt was won by Karen Burns of Sewickley.  Thanks to Donna Hauschulz, Linda Powlus for donating quilted door prizes, which were won by Karen Swanson, Joan Walker

The new Gluhwein Shack was delivered, with museum volunteers installing the roof rafters and decking.  A slate roof will be installed later in the summer as part of a training workshop put on by Joseph Jenkins of Grove City.

The Museum Technology committee is busy working on a new Historic Harmony website that we hope will be operational by late summer.

We are also excited to announce a new musical event: Cellos in Harmony, September 13, 14, and 15. This weekend will feature concerts and student workshops featuring 4-time Grammy winning cellist Eugene Friesen and the popular local group Cello Fury. More details will soon be on our website

Learn more about Museum happenings by checking out this month’s newsletter.

And finally, we offer our condolences to the family of Tom Grech, wife Mary Ann, and families of daughters Kari and Diane, and son Tim.   

~ Rodney Gasch, President, Historic Harmony, 724-290-2129

There are many volunteers to thank this month:

Danke Schön—Artifacts Donation:  Typewritten translation from German of “Harmonie du Bruderstadt” a Harmony Society hymn by John S. Duss, given in honor of John & Shelby Ruch by Rev. Gordon Strunk, retired Sewickley.

Danke Schön—Monitary Donations:  In memory of Tom Grech by Dave & Joan Szakelyhidi, Randy & Sharon Anno, Frank & Kathy Luek;  Pane Relief Fund Bob Clendennen Family; in thanks for helping sponsor Mother Day brunch, Harmony Garden Gnomes.

Danke Schön:  To Bob Ziegler for mowing at the Harmonist Cemetery; to Harmony Garden Gnomes for trimming hedges in the museum courtyard.

Also Thanks To:  Frank Luek, Curt Crocker, Cheryl Speir, Susan Franz, Bob Franz, and Rodney Gasch for helping get the roof rafters, decking, and tar paper on the Ghuhwein Shack. To Robin Wauchina, Gwen Lutz, Rodney Gasch, Kathy Luek, Joan Szakelyhidi, Gryphon Ludwig, Linda Pawlus, for helping at the Small Farm Animals Day.  To Bob Franz for donating use of his Ford 9N at the Small Farm Animals Day. To Linda Powlus, Judy Gerwig, Helen Oliverio, Joan Schiever, Gwen Lutz, Richard and Susan Webb, JoAnnette Cynkar, Katie Steeb, for helping with the Quilt Program.

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