Visit the Harmony Museum Shop

Stop in and browse the most historic shop in town!  The Museum Shop offers items that reflect the history of Harmony, including local artisan soaps, pottery and books. 

The Museum shop is currently located in the historic Wagner/Bentle Haus building, one of the nine sites supported by Historic Harmony.  While visiting the Museum Shop, you are able to view the original one hand clock  made in Lancaster, Pennsylvania that was placed in the Harmonists’ church tower. In addition, you’ll be able to see a  portion of the ceiling construction that’s been exposed to show the Dutch biscuit construction method used by the Harmonists, a type of insulation for heat and sound that also provided a platform for applying plaster.  

The Museum Shop is fully staffed by volunteers, who are making their contribution to historic preservation by tending shop. Sales in the Museum Shop directly support the preservation of Historic Harmony.  

Hours: Tues through Saturday 12 pm to 4 pm. Check our Facebook Page for special event hours.

* The shop is closed on Sundays, Monday and Holidays 

Harmony Museum

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