Rent the Harmonist Barn

COVID-19 restrictions are currently in place for rentals. This means the information listed with each rental property may not be accurate depending on what phase Butler County is currently in at the time of the contract/and the rental.

Current restrictions limit the number of people allowed for a facility rental to 15% of maximum occupancy for our venues no matter what venue you would rent. Placing tents outside the barn does not make it an outdoor event, it is still a 15% maximum.

Stewart Hall = 24 people.

Meetinghouse = 20 people

Barn = 30 people

Please call for more details. (724) 452-7341

Our beautifully rustic 1805 Harmonist barn measures 42 X 64 feet (excludes 3-foot exhibit perimeter and smallest bay.It accommodates about 260 people in auditorium seating. Accommodates about 200 people seated at tables among four bays. Plenty of room for ceremony to be performed. Space can be provided for dancing with less seating. Excellent lighting. Outside rest room facility.

Barn rentals actually run from Friday to Monday. This allows you time for decorating on Friday and setup. Actual event on Saturday. Cleanup on Sunday/Monday.

Cost as of 8/01/2019 – $500 security deposit and $500 rental fee. For further information contact us or call 724-452-7341.