1825 Mennonite Church Basic Rental

COVID-19 restrictions are currently in place for rentals. This means the information listed with each rental property may not be accurate depending on what phase Butler County is currently in at the time of the contract/and the rental.

Current restrictions limit the number of people allowed for a facility rental to 15% of maximum occupancy for our venues no matter what venue you would rent. Placing tents outside the barn does not make it an outdoor event, it is still a 15% maximum.

Stewart Hall = 24 people.

Meetinghouse = 20 people

Barn = 30 people

Please call for more details. (724) 452-7341

Enjoy an intimate event in smaller, reverent space that once was a Mennonite Meetinghouse—now on the national register of historic places. 

Size: Main room 30 X 28 feet. – Annex Room 11 X 16 feet. Accommodates 130 – 150 people easily, more with some crowding, on original bleacher-style and stand-alone wood benches. Pulpit desk on platform for ceremony. Outside rest room facility that you provide.


  • Security Deposit – $100.00
  • One-day event – $150.00

Rental from 9:00 a.m. to midnight.

For further information call 724-452-7341.