Weavers' Cabin of Harmony

   Spinning and weaving were a significant aspect of Harmonist living. The community needed to not only  make their own clothes, but also the fabrics used in the construction of clothing.  The women of the Harmonist community developed skill in both spinning and weaving. They also raised sheep, which were shorn to provide high quality material for their fiber arts.  The Harmonists chose to raise Merino Sheep,  which produced high quality, and which were very expensive to purchase in that
time period. 

   The volunteers of the Weavers’ Cabin of Harmony will take you back in time with demonstrations of these crafts. You can visit the Weavers’ Cabin on Mercer Street. The Weavers sponsor the popular Make ‘n’ Take program by appointment, and other educational events, as you can see on their website: weaversofharmony.org. Experience the History of Harmony and the Fiber Arts at the Weavers’ Cabin at the special events listed below.

                                                                      Special Events 2024

Make ‘n’ Take
a rug, scarf or pair of socks
email weaversofharmony@gmail.com to reserve a spot

June 15 – Fleece to Shawl
How do we turn a sheep into a shawl?
Come see the magic! Sheep Shearing, too!

July 13 – Natural Dyeing
Skilled dyers use natural materials to turn
wool yarn into a rainbow of colors!

Aug 17 – Flax to Linen
See the process to extract fine linen from the
straw-like dried flax plant

Sept 14 – The Amazing Sock Knitting
Machine Demonstration

Check out up to the minute information at their Facebook Page at Weaver’s Cabin of Harmony for hours and more details. Weavers Cabin of Harmony

The Weavers’ Cabin in located on Mercer St, at the intersection of Mercer and Spring St., Harmony, Pa 16037.

Harmony Weavers
Weavers Demo
Weavers Sheep

Make It and Take It Program

The Weavers offer a Make It and Take It program – by appointment only- for those with the desire to create something woven, but without a lot of time to invest. These Make It and Take It sessions allows one to choose between creating a smaller project – a rag rug, a scarf, or fabric for a bag. The cost is only $40, with the Weavers providing materials and instructions. The looms are ready for weaving; they have been warped (threaded) so that all you have to do is weave! Spots can be reserved at the Weaver’s Cabin or electronically at weaversofharmony@gmail.com.

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