Rent Stewart Hall for Your Next Occassion

Stewart Hall is located at 218 Mercer St, attached to the main Museum building. The main floor is 30 X 46 feet plus a raised stage/bar/dancing area 22 X 15 feet. Accommodates up to 120 people dining/classroom on main floor. 2 Rest rooms (handicapped accessible) and full kitchen.


  • Deposit – $300.00
  • Rental fee – $300.00 
  • Insurance form 

Rental from 8:00 a.m. to 11 pm.

A deposit fee of $300 will be charged to all parties when contract is signed. Deposit will be returned after rental date if clean-up is satisfactory, no damages occur and key is returned. Rental rates effective Oct 1, 2020.

For further information you can contact us or call 724-452-7341.

The Wine Cellar is 42 X 18 feet and is accessed via Stewart Hall but please note it is not included in the Stewart Hall rental and is an additional charge if you wish to use it as well.

Wine Cellar Steps
Wine Cellar

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