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The town of Harmony was founded in 1804, and has more than 250 years of remarkable history. 

Our history includes the Lenape (Delaware) Indian settlement, Murdering Town, Major George Washington, “Father” George Rapp and the Harmonists from Germany, Mennonites, and so much more! Come discover the big history of this little town.

Tour Times : 

1 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. 

Call (724) 452-7341 to schedule group tours and rentals and for more information.


  • Age 5 and under = Free
  • Ages 6 – 17 = $3.00
  • Ages 18 – 59 = $7.00
  • Ages 60 and up = $6.00

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Harmony Musuem

Shelby Ruch

Magnificent Member Shelby Ruch is a Magnificent Member of Historic Harmony.   We are extremely grateful for her time and effort that she puts into everything to help benefit our mission. Shelby Ruch Volunteering for HH has given me opportunities to

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Landmarks Harmony Bridge

Area Memories

Harmony Bridge This span enabled travel and trade between Pittsburgh and points north for many years. It had a sturdy foundation made from very large cut stones and was constructed of iron. These practical and sturdy bridges were built from

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Bleeding Knives

Interesting Artifacts

Fleams or Phlebetomes (Bleeding Knives) These multi-bladed medical instruments are known as a fleams or phlebetomes, from the Greek words “Phlebos,” for blood vessel and “tome” meaning to cut. They were used for bloodletting, a practice that dates back to

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