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Harmony Museum

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The town of Harmony was founded in 1804, and has more than 250 years of remarkable history.

Our history includes the Lenape (Delaware) Indian settlement, Murdering Town, Major George Washington, “Father” George Rapp and the Harmonists from Germany, Mennonites, and so much more! Come discover the big history of this little town.

  • Museum Admission

OPEN: Tuesday – Sunday: 1-4 PM
* Closed on Mondays

  • Age 5 and under = Free
  • Ages 6 – 17 = $3.00
  • Ages 18 – 59 = $7.00
  • Ages 60 and up = $6.00

Harmony Blogs

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Harmony Musuem

Susan Webb

Magnificent Member of the Month Susan Webb is the Magnificent Member of the Month.  Susan and her husband Richard moved to Harmony in November of 2016, but owned property and was very involved with the Harmony Museum well before they

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Toll Gate

Area Memories – Toll Gate

Where was this old landmark? Can you guess where this local landmark stood and what it was used for? It was located on, what was then, a main road north. It was within 2 miles of Harmony but was closer

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Artifact of the Month - Hair Art

Hair Art

Exquisite Hair Art Hair Art; 0.18: This lovely work of art, done in the shape of a floral horseshoe and nosegay, is made from human hair from seven different people! Crafted by Nancy Elizabeth Scott during the 1880s, this would

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Harmony Museum

November 2019 Update

From the President Auction results.  Thanks to all who donated items, and helped move and catalog items for the auction.  The effort generated close to $3000 in income for the Museum and found new homes for many antiques and duplicates

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Upcoming Events

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