Come See the Harmony Museum

Enter the Sophia doorway of the 1809 Harmony Museum to learn about the town’s unique history and heritage that led to National Historic Landmark District designation. From its beginning in 1804 as a religious refuge, Harmony attracted international attention for its residents’ communal living, mysticism and work ethic. George Washington visited a half-century earlier and was greeted with gunfire near a village he called Murderingtown. Take a tour and hear the Harmony stories of Native Americans who blazed the first area trails, the shot that narrowly missed Washington and marked the start of the French and Indian War, German immigrants who settled here and organized as the Harmony Society to prepare for Christ’s return, Mennonites who added their customs and large families to the community.

The Harmony Museum is located at 218 Mercer St., Harmony, Pa 16037.


  • The Museum is open for  walk-in tours.
  • Tour times are 1:00 pm and 2:30 pm
  • Reservations are suggested and required for groups of 10 or more.
  • Adults $7.00 (ages 18 – 59)
  • Seniors $6.00 (ages 60+)
  • Youth $3.00 (ages 6 – 17)
  • Children 5 and under no charge

Come enjoy your guided tour, which begins at the main Museum building, then move on to the Ziegler Log house and end up at the Wagner/Bentle Haus. Tours normally take about an hour. Not all areas are handicap accessible.

Harmony Museum

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