Harmony Museum

May 2019 Update

From the President May was a busy month at the Harmony Museum. Small Farm Animals Day was a success with about 100 families with lots of kids stopping in at the Harmonist Barn to meet 4-H members and learn about their animals. While it wasn’t a big money-maker, we reached a younger family audience than […]

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Harmony Musuem

Susan Webb

Magnificent Member of the Month Susan Webb is the Magnificent Member of the Month.  Susan and her husband Richard moved to Harmony in November of 2016, but owned property and was very involved with the Harmony Museum well before they moved here. Susan became a board member of the Museum in the spring of 2017. […]

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Artifact of the Month - Hair Art

Hair Art

Exquisite Hair Art Hair Art; 0.18: This lovely work of art, done in the shape of a floral horseshoe and nosegay, is made from human hair from seven different people! Crafted by Nancy Elizabeth Scott during the 1880s, this would have been a cherished memento made from the hair of dear friends and family. Hair […]

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