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Auction results.  Thanks to all who donated items, and helped move and catalog items for the auction.  The effort generated close to $3000 in income for the Museum and found new homes for many antiques and duplicates from the Museum collection.  Gluhwein Hut. A slate roof with copper trim has been installed thanks to Joseph Jenkins Slate Roofing from Grove City. Joe’s donation of slate and workmanship not only looks amazing, but also changed a new building into a structure that fits right in with its historic neighbors.  We just need to add a gutter and re-install the picket fence and we are ready to sell Gluhwein.  Window Project.  Ed Eckstein of Eckstein General Contracting has completed the window installation and new siding on Stewart Hall.  It’s a tremendous improvement in appearance, and fulfills our duty to maintain these old buildings so they are there for future generations. I don’t know if credit should go to the Harmonist who built the Wagner Haus in 1812, or to Ed Eckstein and his careful team, but no bricks were lost or loosened during the window replacement process. And all of the 568 individual panes in this window project utilize repurposed antique “wavy” glass with the imperfections that make these new windows look historic.  The old windows that were removed from the Wagner Haus have been safely stored in the barn so that “wavy” glass can get repurposed when new windows constructed for the main Museum Building.

Thanks to retiring board members Rick Rosenberger and Paul Chmara.  Rick has served for two terms and had been the driving force behind our successful Antique Gun Show. Rick has also been an invaluable advisor on our firearms collection. He helped the Museum put together a comprehensive collection of Charles Flowers rifles, and helped us sell those guns that were duplicates or didn’t fit well into our historical collection.   Paul Chmara is finishing his second stint as a Historic Harmony board member, having also served when he ran a frame shop in Harmony. Thanks to Paul for his many years of positive attitude and help on the Historic Harmony Board.  The board nominating committee is recommending Charles Welsh and Andrew Orient, both of Harmony, for new terms on the Historic Harmony board. Chuck is a long-time volunteer and is a biology professor at Duquesne University.  Andrew Orient served as co-chair of Cellos in Harmony and was a very successful fundraiser for that event.  This slate will be presented for election at the December member meeting.  

Rodney Gasch, President, Historic Harmony, 724-290-2129

There are many volunteers to thank this month:

Danke Schön—monetary donations: 

Joan Szakelyhidi, Harmony; Shelby Ruch, Zelienople; Rodney Gasch, Evans City; Peoples Natural Gas Co. LLC;  

Visitor’s Information Cabin improvements:  Meredith and Tracey Carothers, Nicole Sharrar, Melinda and Christopher Harold, Winnifred Sharrar, Ann Carothers, Kenneth Endler, Mary and Phillip Carothers, Albert and Deborah Carothers, Tracey and John Carothers

Cellos in Harmony: Farmers National Bank;  Pane Relief: Dale & Tricia Keller, Harmony


Danke Schön—items:  Spinning wheel, Shelby Ruch; standing sign, Rhonda Eppinger


Danke Schön to all who helped to make the Cellos in Harmony weekend such a success:     Co-chairs Robin Wuchina and Andrew Orient, plus Dave Wuchina, Gwen Lutz, Kevin Lutz, Cheryl Speir, Curt Crocker, Joan Szakelyhidi, Lisel Moser, Rodney Gasch, Aaron Orient, Chuck Welsh, Richard and Susan Webb.  Special thanks to Grace Church for providing space for the student workshop.


Thanks also to: Those who helped scrub the Harmonist Wine Cellar clean for the Eugene Friesen concert: Robin Wuchina, Cheryl Speir and Curt Crocker, Andrew Orient, Phyllis Metz, Gwen Lutz; to  Ken and Kevin Lutz for installing the chimney on the Gluhwein Hütte and to Rodney Gasch for painting it black; to Kevin Lutz and Dave Szakelyhidi for installing the National Register plaque on the Meetinghouse, and to Chuck Welsh and Elaine Wise for mowing at the Meetinghouse Cemetery. And to Bob Franz for restoration work on the outdoor bake oven.

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