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Rivers of Steel, who gave us the grant to finish the Visitor Information Cabin interior, just released two Harmony related stories–one about Silvester,  and one about the cabin improvements (featuring photos of two council members!).  Links are below.  2021

WeihnachtsMarkt featured in article on the 20 best Christmas Markets in the US
Our hard work pays off in National coverage! 2021

Cabin to show off work, ingenuity
Solar panels on a 200-year-old cabin? Why not, says Historic Harmony. 2021

Grammy-winning cellist to record in Harmony
Eugene Friesen will be returning to the Harmony Museum, 218 Mercer St., later this month to record in the building’s wine cellar. 2021

Fleece to Shawl Event
Harmony event keeps the weaving tradition alive! 2021

Harmony Museum’s raised garden uses old wood, soil
Have you heard of  Hügelkultur? 2021

Harmony Museum set for antique gun show 2021

For New Year’s, Butler County town is in Harmony with Germany
Ringing in 2020!

Indoor Auto Show
Exhibit showcased rich history of automobile-building in Butler. 2021

Harmony Museum boosts businesses
Restaurant raffle boosts local businesses. 2020

Sign of historic times
Unveiling Washington Trail Marker

Cemetery Service
Boys perform maintenance for Eagle Scout project 2019


Harmony Museum

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